What Customers Say About Poshfair

Thank you so much for helping me find my prom dress! The staff were very helpful in finding the perfect dress. I will definitely share pictures of my dress after prom

Sarah McDonald, Ottawa

Like most of us, I was quite scared of ordering my wedding dress online. But thanks to Mila, my fear disappeared days after days. I asked Mila if she could modify a few things regarding the dress, and she agreed.She sent me a drawing of the dress for approval. After that, she kept sending me pictures of the dress every two weeks for me to see how it went.My dress was ready in 2 months and 1 week for shipment. It fits perfectly and the material is so beautiful, I can't believe it ! Don't hesitate !! Mila and her team will do wonders !!

Nathalie Perrier, France

I ordered a custom made veil from Mila in March and received it yesterday.What can I say besides “wow”?I draw a blank for any other word. It is truly breathtaking. My mother and I opened it together and we were just speechless. Mila’s work is simply impeccable.Please don’t get me wrong.. the veil didn’t meet my expectations, no. It EXCEEDED it by far!!!

Miranda Rybak, USA