10 “No” a Week Before The Wedding

You would think the bride can do anything she wants before the wedding day! However, there are things that should be avoided a week before the wedding.

What exactly would you ask...?

1. No to Cosmetic Procedures

We do not say that you should stay away from any cosmetic procedures.
But some serious interventions, such as peeling or cleansing should be done in advance - 2-3 weeks before the wedding.
On the contrary, eyelash extension is best to have the day before. Then they will have the most perfect look!

2. No to Losing Weight Dramatically

Many girls dream of losing weight for the wedding. You should not start doing this on the eve of the holiday. If you decide to lose a few kilograms - think about it in advance. A week before the wedding it is impossible to lose weight dramatically. There is a chance to spoil your mood and get even more nervous. In fact, you already look great!

3. No to Getting in Argument with the Groom

No comments here. You decided to get married, so try to enjoy every moment of preparation and stay as calm as possible. This is something that will be remembered for a lifetime.

4. No to Getting in Argument with Bridesmades

They are on your side and they are your biggest support. But you shouldn’t overwhelm  them too much or be offended if they refuse to do anything for you. Each of them has its own life and its own problems. If you need help, ask for it, but do not think that someone owes you. A week before the wedding is not the time to sort things out, even if the argument does not concern the wedding. A bad mood does not help any bride.

5. No to Last Moment Changes in the Wedding Plan

A week before the wedding, you certainly shouldn't change anything in your wedding plan. It might get worse than better. Most likely, the desire to choose another restaurant (photographer, dress, concept) comes from the stress, and not for reason. Remember this and do not allow emotions to control you.

6. No to Sleepless Nights

Are you in stress that you are no longer sleeping the third night?  Stop doing this. Lack of sleep inadvertently affects your appearance and emotional state, and this should not be allowed! Ask for help from relatives and friends, if you do not have time, hire professionals or simply give up the idea to make it happen.

7. No to Get Stressed

Of course, it is not so easy to stop worrying and go through the wedding day planning in your head. But you need to try to control your worries! You can help with a chamomile tea, yoga and meditation, get-togethers with friends, a swimming pool, favorite movies, books, shopping, TV shows. Think about what can help you best to get distracted!

8. No to Changes in Your Wedding Image

This applies to both fundamental image changes, such as haircuts or makeup. If you have already done a trial makeup and hair, you like them, stick to the plan. You can get your haircut the day after the wedding!

9. No to Alcohol

Our advise a week before the wedding to limit juice, mineral water and have a maximum of a glass of wine at dinner. First, alcohol - calories. Secondly, it adds toxins and swelling under the eyes. Do you need it?

10. No to Chugging Caffeine

Keeping your caffeine intake in check will help you avoid dehydration and catch those necessary zzz’s. Plus, overdoing it on caffeine can add to any natural jitters and irritation you might feel in those last couple days.
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